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WAGON $500 Elizabeth Walters – Happy Holidays!:)

RED ornament $25 Joanna Reck – Happy Holidays!:)

RED ornament $25 From Teak Antezana – Happy Holidays!:)

RED ornament $25 Patricia Hewitt – Happy Holidays!:)

RED ornament $25 Mackenzie Harpine – Best Wishes for the season!

BALL $100 From Teak and Monica – Happy Holidays!:)

PURPLE ornament $10 Jennifer Edgerly – Happy Holidays!:)

BLUE ornament $15 Michelle Barry – Happy Holidays!:)

RED ornament $25 Mark Green – I love my Mr Bean!

ORANGE ornament $50 Kim Gilman – Happy Holidays!:)

DOG ornament $150 In Honor of Colleen Nauman & Cindy Bisner 2014 – Happy Holidays!:)

WAGON $500 Lynn Eikenberry – Happy Holidays!:)

ORANGE ornament $50 Susan Kosiba – Happy Holidays!:)

BALL $100 Rocket Welden – Happy Holidays!:)

RED ornament $25 Laura Sweeney – Dedicated to Kitty and Goldie

RED ornament $25 Liz Weinstein – Happy Holidays!:)

ORANGE ornament $50 Donna Katzen – Happy Holidays!:)

RED ornament $25 Joyce Balsamo – Happy Holidays!:)

BALL $100 Paul Picardo + Lizzie – Merry Christmas!:)

DOG ornament $200 Joe, Lindsay + Nellie – Merry Christmas!:)

BALL $100 Cherie & DIVER Martorana – Happy Holidays!:)

BALL $100 Jennifer Neville – Happy Holidays!:)

RED ornament $25 Kathleen Rowell – Happy Holidays!:)

GREEN ornament $75 William Pasquina – Happy Holidays!:)

PURPLE ornament $10 Heather Ernst – In Memory of Abby Ernst

DOG ornament $200 Brigitte Petrocelli – Happy Holidays!:)

BALL $100 Erika Eurkus – From Belle

BALL $100 Alison Macdonald – Happy Holidays!:)

RED ornament $25 Love Ace and Nikki Parks – Merry Christmas!:)

ORANGE ornament $50 Beverly Noyes – From Charlie, our Great Dog from Tennessee

ORANGE ornament $50 Bella Dunning – Happy Holidays!:)

ORANGE ornament $50 Julie Howe – Happy Holidays!:)

ORANGE ornament $50 Jeffrey Jerrier – Happy Holidays!:)

RED ornament $25 Nancy Goldstein – Happy Holidays!:)

DOG ornament $150 Beverly Flaxington – In memory of great dogs, Sonny and Molly

BALL $100 Michelle Collins – Happy Holidays!:)

ORANGE ornament $50 Lisa Navarra – Happy Holidays!:)

PURPLE ornament $10 Theresa Parsons – In Memory of Abby Ernst

RED ornament $25 Jill Fitzpatrick – In Honor of Gracie

RED ornament $25 Alexa Murray – Happy Holidays!:)

ORANGE ornament $50 Scott Cali – Happy Holidays!:)

YELLOW ornament $35 Amar Alhakim – Happy Holidays!:)

YELLOW ornament $35 James Mailloux – Happy Holidays!:)

ORANGE ornament $50 Karen Odato – Happy Holidays!:)

RED ornament $25 Katherine Meyer – Happy Holidays!:)

PURPLE ornament $10 Nancy Cuggino – Happy Holidays!:)

BLUE ornament $15 Susan Vecho – Happy Holidays!:)

BLUE ornament $15 Lauren Cook – Happy Holidays!:)

RED ornament $25 Kathleen Connly – Happy holidays to all, adopting our Mila was the best!:)

RED ornament $25 Susan and Elle Regele – Thank you for Cappy & Lucy, our GDRNE pallies!

BALL $100 Valerie Vitale – Holiday Tribute to Patti XOXO Amy & Hugo

RED ornament $25 Katie Gomes – Happy Holidays!:)

RED ornament $25 Michelle Barry – In memory of Wallace xoxoxo Owen & Michelle

PURPLE ornament $10 Lexi Edgerly in NH – Happy Holidays!:)

ORANGE ornament $50 Sommer Aweidah – Happy Holidays!:)

WAGON $500 Elaine Sanfilippo – AdopTee’s, LLC – Happy Holidays!:)

BLUE ornament $20 Raychel Greenwald – Happy Holidays!:)

250 dog $250 Lisa Goulemas – Happy Holidays!:)

YELLOW ornament $35 Ti Anderson – Happy Holidays!:)

YELLOW ornament $35 Jim, Andrea, Michaela and Elvis Baron – Happy Holidays!:)

BLUE ornament $15 Alberta Marasca – Happy Holidays!:)

RED ornament $25 Maryann Frisella – Happy Holidays!:)

BALL $100 Karen Glennon – Happy Holidays!:)

DOG ornament $150 Rene Hallal-Gonen – In memory of great dogs, Sonny and Molly

ORANGE ornament $50 Virginia Day – Happy Holidays!:)

ORANGE ornament $50 Tony + Annette Devito – Happy Holidays!:)

DOG ornament $200 Eve Brandel – Happy Holidays!:)

RED ornament $30 Bryant Falzone – Happy Holidays!:)

BALL $100 Carol Wilkinson – Thank you for my Great Dog Polly!

ORANGE ornament $50 Lyn Ujlaky – Happy Holidays!:)

BALL $100 Beth Reynolds – Happy Holidays!:)

ORANGE ornament $50 Maribeth Boudreau & Kirstin Evans – Happy Holidays!:)

RED ornament $25 Stacie Delos – Happy Holidays!:)

BALL $100 Mary McLaughlin – Happy Holidays!:)

250 dog $250 Rebecca Manley – Happy Holidays!:)

RED ornament $20 Angela Snyder – Happy Holidays!:)

RED ornament $20 Laura Sweeney – Happy Holidays!:)

BALL $100 Renee Ryan – Merry Christmas!:)

PURPLE ornament $5 Jude Caputo – Happy Holidays!:)

RED ornament $30 Maureen Rigazio – Happy Holidays!:)

BALL $100 Carol Tienken – Happy Holidays!:)

RED ornament $25 Julie Mahoney – Happy Holidays!:)

RED ornament $25 Kim Di Camillo – donation for Mia Flavin

ORANGE ornament $50 Alyson Sullivan – Happy Holidays!:)

ORANGE ornament $50 Brendan Shea – From Ruby and Buster, our Great Dogs!

DOG ornament $150 Avery, Ashley, and Chris – With love this holiday!

BALL $100 Diane Kiladis – in honor of Allie Aka “Jade”

BALL $100 Colleen Harrington – Happy Holidays!:)

BALL $100 Happy Holidays from the McStowes!

DOG ornament $200 Virginia Reck – Thank you for Max and Charlie!

RED ornament $25 Lorena Novak – In memory of Fenway

RED ornament $25 Brenna DeCotis – In Honor of Bruno, our wonderful GDRNE dog!

DOG ornament $400 Marianne Baxter – Theia’s black puppy

DOG ornament $300 Katherine Kaplan – Happy Holidays!:)

DOG ornament $300 Emily Caplan – Happy Holidays!:)

BALL $100 Creature Comforts – Happy Holidays!:)

DOG ornament $300 Susan Scully – Happy Holidays!:)

RED ornament $25 Karl + Julie Schumacher – Happy Holidays!:)

DOG ornament $300 Amy Huang – For my Jackson!

YELLOW ornament $40 Olivia Shiffman – Happy Holidays!:)

RED ornament $25 Maryann Walsh – Happy Holidays!:)

BALL $100 Sharon Lombara + Connie – Happy Holidays!:)

BALL $100 Brendan Randall – Happy Holidays!:)

RED ornament $25 Matthew Lanuto – Happy Holidays!:)

GREEN ornament $75 Judith Heller – In honor of Pepper & Savannah

GREEN ornament $75 William Alstrom – In honor of Sophie (Gigi)

ORANGE ornament $50 Wendy Perilli – for Mary Wells

BLUE ornament $20 Kari Anderson – donation for Nanook

BALL $100 Catherine Lanuto – Happy Holidays!:)

WAGONWAGON $1000 Lori Becker – Happy Holidays!:)

BALL $100 Dawn Cadigan – Happy Holidays!:)

BLUE ornament $15 Hilary Gately – Merry Christmas from Teddy and family

RED ornament $25 Annette DiMillio – The Biblers

ORANGE ornament $50 Gus + Sam Trudel – Hope all our friends find forever homes!

BALL $100 Mary Beth + Robert Stevens – Thanks for all you do!

BLUE ornament $15 Angel MacDonald – for Susan Demetri

BALL $100 Rachel McCleary – Happy Holidays!:)

ORANGE ornament $50 Connie Person – Happy Holidays!:)

YELLOW ornament $40 Laure Walliser-Fajardo – Thank you for taking care of all the little ones!

BALL $100 Bob + Dolores Schueler – Thanks for everything you do!



Great Dog Rescue New England (GDRNE) is a 501(C)(3) non-profit, shelterless, all-breed rescue group headquartered in Massachusetts. Our group is comprised of volunteers all over New England who love dogs and want to help those that end up homeless through no fault of their own. Loyal and loving dogs turn up every day in New England and Southern shelters, as owners turn them in or they’re found roaming the streets after being dumped. To the best of our abilities, we evaluate all of our Great Dogs’ temperament and suitability for living with other dogs, cats, and children. A dog’s health is checked, and we make sure they are up-to-date on all shots and are spayed or neutered. Then, we place them in loving foster homes until they find their very own family. Our goal is to meet the needs of each dog as an individual and to assure proper placement in a loving forever home.

Great Dog is dedicated to animal rescue. In addition to our primary goal of helping homeless and abandoned dogs find loving forever homes, we:

  • donate money to spay and neuter clinics in the south to help solve the problem of pet overpopulation;
  • engage in community outreach activities with local schools to help educate children and young adult
    about animal rescue, responsible pet ownership, proper pet care, etc.
  • adopt dogs to agencies that train dogs to assist physically disabled and hearing impaired people
    (many dogs that were abandoned are now helping people lead independent lives!).

We are proud of the work we do with the dogs and in local communities.
Since September 2003, we have placed more than 3000 homeless and abandoned dogs in loving forever homes in the New England area. Every month, dozens of our Southern Great Dogs ride the transport north to their new forever and foster homes. The transport, which is licensed by the USDA, drives up as often as needed and arrives at our isolation facility in Woburn, MA. Our forever families and foster homes pick up their new dogs after the dogs receive a vet check and are quarantined for at least 48 hours per state regulations.

Often times our Southern adoptions are long-distance and we facilitate these adoptions by the transfer of pictures and information about the dog, and we arrange to have the adopter speak to a dog’s foster parents. When a dog is in a New England foster home, we are more than happy to arrange a pre-adoption meeting!

The process to adopt a Great Dog includes:gdrne_web_logo

  • phone interview
  • veterinary reference & personal references
  • home visit
  • adoption fee of $400 for dogs, $475 for puppies 5 months and younger

We emphasize matching the right dog to the right family so that all will have many happy years together. The adoption application is the first step, and the fastest way to begin the process is to submit your completed application.
Great Dog Rescue New England needs foster homes! As a shelterless rescue, we don’t have a building where our dogs are housed until they get adopted. We are lucky enough to have loving families who open their hearts and homes to our dogs until they are placed, but we need more foster homes so we can save more dogs. If you can’t foster, we’re always looking for volunteers to help with home visits, screen applications, and to help with special events, so there are lots of ways you can help. Every month we save dozens of wonderful dogs from local and Southern kill shelters and place them in safe, nurturing homes. Please consider joining us in this effort; we would love to have you! For more information about volunteer opportunities, please review the list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or fill out our volunteer application.
All donations go directly to the dogs and every little bit helps (and your donation is tax deductible!)! Even if you can’t foster, do home visits, or work on applications, your financial donation will help us to rescue and vet dogs in need. You can paypal a donation or mail a check to our post office box:
Great Dog Rescue NE, 9 Bartlet Street #316, Andover, MA 01810

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